7 Key Steps to Protect Your Car, If You Had an Accident in Dubai

So the unfortunate has happened, and now your car is looking ugly, what to do next?

Well, certainly storming out and making a fuss is not a wise approach to this. Regardless of who is to blame, control and self-discipline are always important.

Everyone notices the crowded traffic as they drive by different streets, the first idea that jumps to their minds gets mumbled out unintentionally “Must be an accident”, and they might be not mistaken. But why is it always crowded following accidents? Especially if the damage is minor or little to be seen. One might think they could’ve just apologized to each other and gone their separate ways, while true, many drivers prefer to wait for the police to show up so that they can assess the situation and give a ruling on who is at fault at this point.

The second reason for causing a traffic jam in the middle of the road is waiting for the police report since that report is what insurance companies admit as proof of the insured vehicle and its driver’s role in the mishap. Based on the police report, insurance companies decide whether to issue the driver a cheque to cover the repair works at the workshop, or leave the fellow to tolerate the costs on their own account.

So, now to the question, what should you do if you ever – God forbid – get into an accident? Here is a quick breakdown of some necessary steps to take:

  • Maintain calmness and never lose temper, the roads are monitored with cameras and striking other people is a felony in UAE that is punishable by law.
  • Contact 901 immediately. This is the number provided by the local authorities for non-urgent situations that require police presence
  • Once the police come, they will listen to the story from all parties involved. Make sure to tell your side of the issue clearly and honestly without skipping any details.
  • The police will take into consideration any signs of disarray or intoxication, it would be wise to avoid taking substances or drinks before driving.
  • Once the police have collected all the information needed, they will inform all parties involved on what to do next, which includes which police station to follow up with.
  • If the accident is bad, the police officers might suggest a tow-truck company that they know, or you can quickly go online and look for one
  • Follow up with the police to obtain your copy of the police report and straighten out any fines due.
  • Take the police report to the insurance agent and follow up with them, it might be a bit of a long process, but if all is well, you will get your cheque eventually.
  • Go to any workshop and have the car repaired. It is possible to obtain a quotation of the cost of repairs and spare parts before heading to the insurance company to show them the amount needed using stamped invoices

Recently, the Dubai police have released a smart service on their application that can be used in minor accidents, it’s called E-report, and can save time by not having to wait for the police’s arrival. All you have to do is simply open the application, click on the E-report tab, take photos of the accident as the app would tell you, then follow the instructions provided by the app.

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