Single Point Motor
Claims Recovery Solution

Developed with blockchain technology, addenda is a platform that facilitates, centralizes and manages all communications that take place between insurers during the recovery process of motor claims. It allows insurers to have a single overview of their recovery receivables/payables, whilst providing the tools and information needed to improve the motor recovery claims process.

Industry Challenge

Unpaid recovered settlements on motor claims cause a major financial strain on the insurance industry. There is no digital solution to assist insurers in centralizing activities and documentation to provide transparency to the process. 

Our Solution

Addenda offers a single platform for all insurers with a fixed rate per claim. The system is also 100% auditable and protects sensitive data through advanced security features.

Main Features

  • API Flexibility
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Enhancements with XA Digital products
  • Insurer panel part of an advisory forum
  • Arabic / English


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