Smart repair pod of the future

For dealerships wanting to increase repair earnings and improve customer retention, the CarhealX smart pod offers the opportunity to do all small and medium paint repair tasks at your premises in a safe, fast and profitable way. Unlike other car repair pods, the CarhealX pod can be placed inside existing buildings, which greatly reduces energy consumption.


Industry challenge

Repair volumes are decreasing especially with electric vehicles gaining ground. Additional revenue streams such as smaller paint jobs form the Bodyshop could be an additional source since the selfcontained unit has a controlled air cleaning system and takes less space.


Our solution​

The self-contained spray POD has been designed for ultimate efficiency and reduces paint emission into environment. By supplying a complete system including installation and qualified technicians, we are able to guarantee same day repair.


Product features​

  • Safe and secure contained environment
  • A very effective air cleaning and control system
  • Fitted with carbon filters VoC sensors and a control system managing fans and alarms
  • Installation included
  • Carheal qualified Technicians


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