Comprehensive vehicle information detection solution

The XA Optical character recognition service has been developed by the in-house tech team to identify scribed, stamped, printed or pre-printed text in any language, font, size of style. Used to detect and read all kinds of information including, purchase agreements, vehicle info, VIN number, owner details, registration number etc. through an easy upload of a photo as an image file.


Industry challenge

Human error is unavoidable and often a tedious process in capturing vehicle data.


Our solution

Apart from improving the customer experience, the XA OCR also reduces data entry and scales down errors in data processing. Scanned information can also be indexed much easier reducing the size and making it easier to store. Deeper insights and data analytics are available through increased compliance and auditability.


Product features

  • Cloud native technologies
  • Web based application
  • AI integration
  • Easy integration with XA360


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